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Real local Investigators in the heart of New Orleans

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Licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Private Investigator Examiners.

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                                Uptown Investigations        

 We are a full service Private Investigation "Detective" Agency. Our Investigators operate 24           hours a day 7 days a week throughout the greater New Orleans Area and beyond.                               Meetings are by appointment. Phone consultations are always free.                       "We'll work together to determine a course of action that's best for you and your budget" 


  • Civil • Criminal • Workers Comp/Insurance Surveillance & Investigations              

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                                        Areas Served                     

New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, Westbank, Chalmette, Laplace, Slidell, Covington, Mandeville, Hammond, Destrehan, Houma, Thibodaux, Baton Rouge and more...

     Our licensing also permits us to follow cases in different capacities in: Mississippi,        Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Idaho   South Dakota, Wyoming, Oregon and California.                                                                                                                 

                                                     Who we serve                                        

Our agency performs quality, detail oriented investigations for businesses and the legal community but we also place a special emphasis on individuals and personal service, especially for those who have never used an Investigator before. This is one of the things that tends to set us apart from others. Over time many Investigators can become jaded or numb to the problems clients face. We strive to never forget how awkward and daunting the prospect of hiring an Investigator can be and it is one of the main reasons this company was started. The truth is that many of our individual clients had never even considered using a Private Investigator until deciding to contact us.                                                                                                    

                                          Our Mission 

This company was created in 2014 with a very specific vision in mind; To assemble a tight group of experienced Private Investigators who know the area and genuinely care about results. This may seem like a simple statement but it carries a real meaning for us.


Traditionally Investigators gained experience by practicing a basic set of skills in a variety of situations. There were always surprises but with enough repetition they could feel confident in most cases they'd face. Today those skills are still the foundation of what we do but technology and social media have changed the way everyone lives and works. This means that the types of situations we encounter now change every day and many long-time investigators who've gotten comfortable have struggled.

To continue doing the best job possible for our clients we decided the only way to cope with these new trends, technology and social changes was as a group. Our entire team has made a commitment to regularly share their diverse experiences and observations. As a result we're able to continually develop new strategies and ways of gathering info.

This collaborative approach extends to our clients as well. We serve clients from many different walks of life and have learned to appreciate what a valuable resource that can be. Asking more thorough questions and openly exchanging perspectives on strategy has meant the difference between success and failure for a number of cases.                 

Local Knowledge:

Even though an experienced Investigator should be able to adapt to many different environments, local knowledge is always preferable. This is especially true in a city as unique as New Orleans where it can often make or break a case before it starts.

Unfortunately the term local can sometimes be misleading. Nearby businesses have a strong incentive to advertise in New Orleans. This is only natural since a lot of our surrounding towns and suburbs are very close. We certainly work many of our cases in those areas, however for investigators who have only a passing familiarity with the city it can seem like a different world. A plumber might be able to fix a pipe anywhere but for us knowing the character of a certain neighborhood or what's around that next corner of the French Quarter can be crucial.   

Our founding core of Investigators have lived and worked in the city for many years and  we chose the name Uptown Investigations to reflect this. Now with the further addition of investigators whose backgrounds range from Metairie and Kenner to Slidell and the Northshore we are in better position than ever to help our clients achieve their goals.


In recent decades the investigative industry has grown enormously bringing with it major improvements to organization and overall quality. A side effect of this has been that the roles of Investigators, management and ownership have become increasingly disconnected. Investigators might simply receive assignments without the full details of a case or being asked for input. Conversely someone assigning those cases or making strategy decisions may actually have little to no recent experience in the field.

Obviously most businesses need to have some assigned roles but much of what we do is more than just a simple service business. For many of our clients the results can have serious personal consequences. This may be our job but we feel there is a big difference between "working" a case and working to achieve our clients goals.

Each member of our team is a licensed Investigator and regularly performs surveillance regardless of their other duties or skills. Furthermore when one of our investigators is in the field they always understand the details of the case and what we are ultimately trying to achieve. This not only keeps each of us connected to our clients interests it can give a perspective when facing difficult situations. We believe that knowing the consequences of a decision helps us to make better ones.                                                                                                                    

                                Frequently Asked Questions

Q:) Is your Agency licensed?

A:) Yes. We are licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Private Investigator Examiners.

Q:) Do I need a Private Investigator?

A:) We understand that hiring a Private Investigator can seem a bit intimidating but if you've found us then it's quite likely we can help. Often clients will call us when they feel they have nowhere else to turn but aren't sure exactly what type of help they need. That is where many investigations start and why we encourage you to contact us anytime with whatever questions you have.                                                                                                                    It might turn out that you don't need an Investigator or it may not be the right time to begin an investigation. Even if we only end up referring you to other resources or services our Investigators are happy to help. Once we understand the situation we will try to provide the information needed to decide if our services are the right fit for you and your budget.

Q:) How much does an investigation cost?

A:)  Any case where an Investigator is out in the field ie. infidelity, child custody surveillance, court research fall under an hourly rate.                                                      

Searches, skip trace/locate, background checks, process service etc will usually be a flat rate based on our price plan or tailored to a clients specific needs.                           

As we offer a broad range of services and will occasionally make adjustments to work with a clients budget prices are quoted once we have all the relevant details.  

Q:) Do you require payment in advance?

A: Yes. For surveillance and other hourly services we will need an initial retainer for the estimated hours to begin the investigation. Flat rate services will require full payment of the price quoted. The reason for this is that nearly all of the services we offer have some cost involved either to pay Investigators for their time or to pay for searches, information retrieval etc. In certain cases where services paid for are no longer needed or if estimates greatly exceed hours needed to complete the investigation a partial reimbursment may apply.

Q:) How do you estimate the hours needed?

A:) First and foremost we require the facts of the case, persons involved, locations etc. Once we agree to accept your case we will work with you to try to establish what type and how much evidence is needed to achieve your goal. Then based on our experience of previous cases and your budget we will settle on the amount of hours we believe it will take to begin the investigation. Additional hours or services may be added at later as the investigation progresses or if more evidence is needed.                                            

Q:) How do I get my case started?

A:) Contact us immediately by phone, email or the form on our contact page for a free consultation. Once we understand the case we can discuss your goals and concerns to give you an estimate or quote. If the case is accepted and we've agreed on the dates and strategy payment will then be required. Once this is completed we can begin as discussed.

Q:) What forms of payment do you accept?

A:) We accept cash, all major credit cards, Paypal and Zelle.

Q:) What is the best way to contact you?

A:) By phone is definitely the fastest way to relay the details and obtain an accurate quote.  You can also email us at uptowninvestigations@gmail.com or send a message via our contact page. If we are not available please leave a message. We check messages regularly day & night and try to respond as quickly as possible.

If you have a preferred time or method that you wish to be contacted please specify in your message and we will be happy to accomodate. This is especially important if you are contacting us about an infidelity case or are in a situation where it may be a problem to receive a call from us at the wrong time. Sometimes when we aren't able to respond immediately we may decide not call back if there seems to be a chance of compromising your situation.